30-day Adult (18 years and older) Alcohol Use, by Age

Results from the 2017 Kent County Behavioral Risk Factor Survey indicated that a small percentage (0.9%) of respondents were categorized as heavy drinkers while 15% indicated that they had engaged in binge drinking in the past month.  Binge drinking was most prevalent in individuals 25-34 years of age.  Respondents in this age group were more than twice as likely to report binge drinking as those 45 years of age and older.  Older individuals, however, were more likely to report heavy drinking.

Definition of Binge Drinking:
Males – 5 or more drinks in one sitting
Females – 4 or more drinks in one sitting

Definition of Heavy Drinking:
Males – Having 15 or more drinks per week
Females – Having 8 or more drinks per week