The primary role of the Data Committee is to create and maintain a coordinated system for collecting, reporting, storing and retrieving relevant, valid and reliable data that support prioritization, planning, decisions, interventions, and outcomes for substance abuse prevention services in Kent County.  The overarching goal is to enhance access to local data and minimize existing gaps related to substance use related information.


  • Gather and assess locally available data – relevant to the Coalition’s Prevention Plan – concerning alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use and its health, social and economic consequences in Kent County.
  • Secure agreement from agencies that currently collect relevant data to furnish it to the Coalition in a useable format.
  • Compare available local data to similar state and national data.
  • Needs Assessment Report – make current data available to Coalition members to direct their actions under the current Prevention Plan and to develop future Plans.
  • Identify gaps in data availability, validity and reliability.   Determine and act on the means to fill identified data gaps.
  • Name the standard data indicators needed for ongoing assessment of substance use consequences, consumption and causes, including federal national outcome measures for prevention.
  • Position paper on emerging issues.
  • Arrange for evaluation and ongoing quality improvement of Coalition members’ action toward completion of Goals in the KCPC’s Strategic Plan.
  • Secure local data to make available to the KCPC for decision-making.
  • Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of KCPC Lunch and Learn Events
  • Provide oversight to the planning and implementation of evaluation and data needs related to KCPC initiatives and events.
  • Support the ongoing availability of current data to the KCPC website
  • Facilitate data-based educational components for KCPC internal and external stakeholders in a manner that is easily understandable by all populations served by the coalition.